Im a 44 year old females i work sitting down, my hours of job is 4am till 12pm during my hrs of work at 630 i eat a yogurt n then at 1130 i consume salad maybea sanwich of turkey at 12 i go home do a little of cleansing inthe house n by 3pm i begin food preparation so we could eat by 6pm i go to sleep at 8pm i laydown on my bed n then im hungry this is wat it eliminates me i get up n begin to eat yunk food is there anything that i could stop this cravings at nite ihave no time at all to excersise. To lessen weight, everyday alcoholic beverage a mix of a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder steamed in water with an empty tummy in the morning about half a hr just before morning meal. This will really help u. Hey All, I am 45yrs aged and take anti downers which I locate makes me famished 24/7.

I see why home page is so popular afterall. Kindly simply assist me, i have actually simply fallen short to concieve cousin i assume due to the fact that am fat. Satisfy merely help me, i have merely fallen short to concieve cousin i think since am fat.

Hi I’m 40, 1,84 m tall I’m overweight 152-155kg. Iam 25 years old woman my wheight is 70kg my heiht is 5’2″ so plz tell me just how i can loss my wheight. I am 5ft. 7 in. in hyte and analyzing 76 Kgs.

I do Yoga exercise frequently and at times swimming based on seasons. I am 61 years of ages male. I also am over weight so satisfy suggest and pen me by email. Many thanks in anticipation. Read this article for examples.

I am 24 years of ages and intend to lessen my stomach and upper legs part. Mai workplace me kaam karti hun. Mai 23 saal ki hun mai functioning hun’mujhe zydatar bethe rehna padhta hai ab meri meri hight k hisab se mera pait aur hips ki chodayi bahut zyda hai hips kaise kam ho iska koi upaye batayen plz assistance me.