A neck ache or a back ache are just things that some people have to put up with because they have bad chairs or they are made that way or something, right? Well, how is it then that more so than ever before, it’s children and not adults children who complain the these kinds of aches and pains? More often than not, children who should be healthy, happy and completely pain-free, come by this kind of persistent discomfort for a simple reason – the backpack they carry to school is a poorly-designed one. They do make good kids backpacks these days though. You just have to know how to look for one.
For some reason, most models of backpack get made in dull palettes of black and gray. Perhaps manufacturers just want to make bags that don’t show up dirt. But when they make dull bags, children just don’t pick them. Instead, they go for whatever bag’s colorful; whether or not it is well-designed.
Basically, backpacks for children should be an adult buying decision. And these aren’t the kind of product you should buy over the Internet. You need to try them out, make sure that they are well-enough designed that they won’t hurt your child’s back.
Backpacks for children – that they market as such – are often made too heavy. When the child puts one on, it will pull on his muscles and ligaments the wrong way, and it can completely misalign the child’s body.
When you next go shopping for backpacks for children, buyg it in person, and look for these qualities.
The first thing you want to look for are wide cushioned shoulder straps. Make sure that they aren’t the narrow kind, and that they can dig into the shoulders. 
They don’t put adjustable shoulder straps on backpacks for no reason. Backpacks for children especially need adjustable shoulder straps. Children should wear backpacks high and somewhat tight. When a backpack is worn low and dangly, it tends to bend the child’s back. And that’s a major cause of backache. When it comes to the way they design the straps on backpacks for children, there should be no compromise. There need to be two straps. They need to be properly adjustable, and they need to be wide and well-padded.
It isn’t just the straps that need to be padded. The entire back of any child’s backpack needs to be well padded as well. You don’t want books and odds and ends sticking into your child’s back. These can be a cause of backache.