Wireless router are very important to the network the make a wireless field which allows other computer with Wi-Fi adaptors to connect to them, your internet service provider should give you a standard Wi-Fi router which has the branding on it but a lot of people will go a buy a new higher performance router to improve their network, by upgrading your router will in port your Wi-Fi range and even allow you to have more device added to the networking. 

Firewalls are built into the router so you also update the firewall when upgrading, all router have an interface which allows you to log onto the router and make changes and edit settings such as parent control for children which might have device that can browse the web so you can block stuff they should not be able to see. It does get confusing to know which router is on a good deal there are a lot of website which do reviews and people telling you if it’s any good or sometimes when the cheapest place is to buy it. Nowadays with the internet being available there are form rooms which are hosted by the manufacture which you can post question and see other people’s question and solves because 9 out of 10 times if you got a problem or even a question someone else has had or having the same problems 

.when buying a new router it should come with the router its self, power cable, networking cables and a lot of the time it comes with a essay set up DVD/ software which will help you set it all up. All the driver and software can be downloaded from the manufacture website anyway. A lot of wireless router come in different shapes and size but a lot of the time they do the same thing so don’t be confused when looking online or in the shops. If you are looking at getting a router for your office or small business there are some good names which add features like VPN and networking monitoring software. You can also buy networking cabernets’ if you’re looking at building a network for business use it’s always good to put all your networking gear in the same place and locked away. Router also have features which can turn an external hard driver into a NAS which allows you to assess your data over the network which is key for a small office